Gründung BW
Gründung BW

ifex - initiative for start-ups and business transfer of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing Baden-Württemberg

Promoting business start-ups and securing business succession represents a key element of the formative policy for small and medium-sized enterprises of the Government of the Land of Baden-Württemberg.

The twenty years during which the business start-up initiative has been in place has brought a sustained improvement to the entrepreneurship climate in Baden-Württemberg. In 2001, the Baden-Württemberg Parliament resolved to continue for an indefinite period the business start-ups and succession initiative ifex, on the recommendation of the “Medium-sized businesses” parliamentary survey commission. This decision represents major recognition for our work.

ifex has a broad range of partners, which by now numbers 1,800 institutions. Chambers, associations, business development bodies, universities, schools, authorities and representatives from the world of private business have all contributed innovative ideas to this new culture of business start-ups. With the conceptual and financial support of ifex, a diverse range of information, training and advisory products has developed in Baden-Württemberg, which puts us amongst the front runners in a national comparison of the start-up initiatives of the individual German Länder.

ifex initiates
campaigns and competitions,
new promotional approaches and concerted actions throughout Baden-Württemberg

ifex coordinates
projects and partners –
at both regional and international level

ifex promotes
information, training, advice and coaching,
together with model projects for specific target groups
and regional projects of our partner organisations